The Brazilian coast has 7,367 kilometers of extension and more than 2,000 beaches. Find below our selection of the 10 best beaches in Brazil to enjoy during your next vacation


Find in the following map some of the recommended beaches to visit in Brazil. You will find a selection of beaches that are distributed along the entire coast. In the north you will find outstanding beaches like Jericoacora and in the south others like Praia do Rosa.

The Brazilian beaches are adjusted to the tastes of thousands of tourists who visit them year after year. Depending on the type of trip you can find ideal beaches to go with children or if you prefer you can also find beaches with stronger waves that lend themselves to water sports and enjoy the summer.


It has been voted the most beautiful beach in Brazil and was selected as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by The Washington Post. Jericoacoara Beach is part of the National Park located in the municipality of Jijoca de Jericoacoara in Ceará. The beach has an average climate of 27º to 30º C all year round. Its landscape is decorated by magnificent coconut palms, cliffs and lagoons among the enormous sand dunes.


This beach, Porto de Galinhas, is located in the state of Pernambuco and is one of the favorite beaches for tourists to go during the summer. It can be easily reached from the city of Recife (it is located about 60 kilometers from the international airport).

One of the main attractions of Porto de Galinhas are the natural pools that form in the sea. Another attraction is its coral reefs, which make this beach one of the most visited to observe the great diversity of fish. The region is quite touristic and has the necessary infrastructure for those who want to rest on one of the best beaches in Brazil.


Playa do Forte is located in the municipality of Bahia de Mata de São João. The natural beauty blends with history make Praia do Forte one of the most sought-after destinations in Bahia. Apart from Praia do Forte, Bahia also has other beautiful places such as Trancoso and Arraial D’Ajuda.

The beach is characterized by its crystalline waters and white sand. To get to Playa do Forte, you will leave from Salvador de Bahia where the bus ride will take approximately 2 hours. If you visit praia do forte you can’t miss the natural pools that form in the sea.


The restriction of access to the beach makes peace and the reign of environmental conservation in the place is one of the main tourist destinations for those who want to visit the area of Arraial, Porto Seguroo Trancoso in Bahia.

You can find a mixture of Atlantic forest, coconut palms, sandbanks, mangroves and cliffs of white and red tones that frame its calm, warm and crystalline waters. This paradise is located in an environmental protection zone between Trancoso and Caraíva, on the southern coast of Bahia. It can be reached from Trancoso (although you can also find day trips from Arraial).


The left corner of the beach is the most visited, as it has bars, restaurants, swimming pools and calm waves, ideal for those who want to travel with children or family, while the right side is the wildest, with strong waves and very popular with surfers. The state of Alagoas also has Gunga Beach, a virgin corner that is accessed by sea or land within a private rural property. To get to this beach you can start from Maceió.


Copacabana beach is considered one of the most famous beaches in the world. It is affectionately nicknamed by the locals of “Princesinha do Mar”, due to the music of Roberto Carlos; its history is a mixture of tradition, glamour and glory.

Copacabana also has its sporting side, the beach is home to the world championships of beach volleyball and beach soccer. It is an obligatory destination for those who visit Rio de Janeiro, in this neighborhood live more than 140 thousand inhabitants, making it one of the main tourist attractions of the city. The nightlife is very active, since in the area it is possible to find several options of bars or restaurants.


Pipa, Brazil is the main seaside resort on the southern coast of Rio Grande do Norte, in the municipality of Tibau do Sul. The old and quiet fishing village is now famous for having one of the busiest nights in the state and is frequented by surfers and tourists from all over the planet. In Rio Grande do Norte you can also find other beautiful beaches on its coastline such as Playa do Madeiro, Playa do Amor or Playa das minas.


Praia do Rosa is famous throughout the world as one of the most beautiful in the world for its natural beauty. Located in Imbituba, Santa Catarina, 97 kilometers from Florianópolis, Praia do Rosa is known worldwide for the preservation of the environment in the region and the observation of right whales (until approximately October), is one of the best beaches of Florianópolis.

The beach also stands out for its nightlife, especially during summer vacations. Its waves are calm and lend themselves to water sports such as surfing or kite surfing. During the summer season the temperature of pink praia is approximately 30ºC, while in July it can drop to 20ºC. To get to this beach you can depart from Florianópolis by bus, get to Garopaba, and from there you can order a taxi that will take you to Praia do Rosa (10 km from Garopaba).


With the rocks that separate the two white sand beaches, the beaches of Antigos and Antiguinhos have rough seas and mountains drawn all along its coast ideal for those who want to relax and escape to a beach surrounded by nature. In Antiguinhos, there are still small rivers to wash the body of salt. Located in Paraty, it is necessary to make a route to reach the beach, although cars are not allowed. On the beach there are no buildings, it is a practically deserted beach to admire the nature of the place.


Excellent beach for those looking for a quiet place. The bay is the starting point for trails that lead to almost deserted scenery, due to difficult access. Located on the north coast of São Paulo, the part of the bay of Castelhanos de Ilhabela, is the only Brazilian archipelago municipality, with 36 km of beaches and 365 waterfalls. It is a very quiet place, ideal for family vacations.

Brazil’s beaches are a great option to visit during the summer holidays. Thousands of Argentines visit the Brazilian territory during the months of January and February looking to escape from the city in one of these paradisiacal beaches. The tranquility, the sun and the beach are the best ingredients to have a complete vacation.