Tips for travelling with your pet by plane

If you are an animal lover and have a pet, you may have considered taking it on holiday, but we are not always clear on how to do this, especially when we travel by plane. So, let’s dedicate this article to offering you some tips for traveling with your pet by plane.

Documentation of your pet

To travel with your pet by plane there are several aspects that you must take into account: Whether the flight is national or international, the size of the animal and the company in which you fly.

No pet can access an aircraft if it is not properly identified with its corresponding chip. You must have all your vaccinations in order along with a health card that ratifies it and you must be de-wormed. In addition, it is important that you carry with you a certificate of good health that is no more than ten days old.

If you are traveling abroad it is necessary to consult the specific requirements of each country. For example, both Sweden, Ireland and the UK require clinical studies to check the health of the animal, and the US does not allow pets without rabies vaccination to enter.

Another aspect to bear in mind is that some airlines do not allow travel with animals, such as low-cost airlines. However, in the others, it is possible, although each airline sets its own rules. In some companies, it is allowed to travel with the pet in the cabin if it does not weigh more than 8 kg but must go in the hold.

Although a fundamental fact is that guide dogs are allowed on all airlines.

Take your pet as carry-on baggage

If you can travel with your pet as hand luggage in the cabin of the plane you should be aware that it is mandatory to go inside its carrier. It should be of adequate size to allow the animal to turn around or turn around and should have ventilation.

A trick to make the animal go quieter is to put a small blanket or sweater with the owner’s scent inside the carrier to make it travel much quieter. Remember that at no time may the animal be taken out of the transport until it has left the airport or passed through customs at international destinations.

Billing your pet

When the size of the animal exceeds the limits set by the company for traveling in the cabin, it must be checked in.

Bearing in mind that the animal is going to travel alone in the hold, it would be advisable to take direct non-stop flights and avoid extreme temperatures, both cold and hot. In addition, it is important that you carry an identification badge with the owner’s details, such as name, telephone number, and destination of the trip. Another important aspect is not to feed the animals for the trip, as they run the risk of dizzy and vomiting. Another trick is to give them a sedative or a natural product that allows them to sleep during the trip.

We hope that these tips for traveling with your pet by plane will help you enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Remember that on Aerobus you can also travel with your pet, because not only do we care that you arrive on time for your flight, but also that you travel comfortably, safely and happily.

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