Snovit’s digital strategy, The Digital Marketing Plan

This post is the second part of the previously published one about the “digital immersion” in Commercial Jope and is part of a series that will continue in future issues. In this post, I’m going to discuss the definition of snovit’s Digital Marketing Strategy.

We recently began our collaboration with Commercial Jope to redefine the online strategy of their snovit brand and develop results-oriented actions.

Commercial Jope is a company with a history of more than 35 years dedicated to the manufacture and sale of automotive accessories. Snovit offers innovative solutions for the automotive industry in more than 20 countries and to more than 1000 customers. A success story of effort, international vocation, and innovation.

What is a Digital Marketing Plan?

The Digital Marketing Plan is the set of integrated strategies that, combining Digital Marketing tools, leads us to interact with our audience through the Internet without the need for direct contact.

A plan is essential for the efficient achievement of the organization’s objectives and the optimization of available resources, focusing efforts. A digital strategy is necessary for any organization and company, large or small, that needs to improve its visibility and generate business.

Improve your visibility? Web positioning and SEO

Typically, the Digital Marketing Plan combines online and offline (blended marketing) strategies that integrate Digital Marketing with traditional formats to reinforce brand values. Perhaps, the usual marketing but with new tools.

The work team

A previous, indispensable step: to assemble a cohesive, coordinated and expert work team.

The executive team, which integrates the vision of the business and its digital expression. Obviously, the people in charge of Commercial Jope are part of this team.

The expert team, in the different disciplines of Digital Marketing: analytics and measurement, content, conversion, design, advertising, and SEO.
In tandem, we are fortunate to have a network of excellent professionals with whom we create alliances to offer the best in each project.
Technical equipment: without its analysis, from the early stages, the development, implementation, and integration of systems would not be possible.
In the picture: snovit’s managers and our colleague, analyst, and traveler

Objectives and KPIs

For the definition of the objectives of the project, I am going to stop at the definition of objectives that Tristan Elosegui explains in his always wonderful blog.

To explain the relationship between the definition of a strategy and its objectives, Tristan proposes the use of a working scheme created by John Lovett (applied in this case to Social Media):

What should be the relationship between the objectives of a digital action and the objectives of the company? Starting from the business objectives, we move forward with the objectives of Online Marketing, Social Media, until we reach the objectives of the concrete action.

For snovit, and based on the corporate objectives of the organization, we advance in defining the objectives of a channel, its metrics, KPIs (or key indicators) and tactics to be developed. Very useful and direct.


We need to have a deep understanding of our audience. Snovit is a brand aimed at large distributors, but also at professionals in the automotive sector and individuals.

“People”, as a user experience tool, are archetypal models based on research into who our buyers are, what they want to achieve, what objectives drive their behavior, how they think, how they buy and why they make purchasing decisions.

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