How to recognise a good divorce lawyer

Not all divorce attorneys are the same. But how can you recognize a good divorce lawyer? As in other industries, there are good and bad specialist lawyers here. If you are planning a divorce, you should therefore not immediately take the first best lawyer, but inform yourself comprehensively in advance. You can find out how to recognise a good Law firm in bangkok and what else can be helpful in your search in the following tips for finding a lawyer.

Among many to recognize a good divorce lawyer

If you are looking for a good divorce lawyer, you may be able to ask friends and acquaintances for advice. A good tip is usually worth its weight in gold. The Internet can also be helpful in making a decision. Compare the websites and get a first impression of the firm. If the website is already designed very carelessly and contains only little information, this could be an indication of the way the lawyer works. If you then read the evaluations of other clients on comparison portals, you will see more about the quality and reliability of the lawyer. (Deduct divorce lawyer from tax: Is that possible?)

Divorce lawyer: personality and charisma are important

Get to know a few lawyers personally beforehand. A good divorce lawyer will offer you comprehensive advice on the course of the proceedings in advance. How detailed he explains the details to you is already a first decision criterion. The appearance is also very important. A lawyer who seems very shy, inexperienced and reserved to you may not even be able to open his mouth in court. Also important is the professional experience that the lawyer already has to show. Convince yourself of the professional competence by having the legal facts of the divorce explained to you in more detail. This will make it easier for you to compare yourself with other lawyers. Of course, the chemistry between client and lawyer must also be right – especially when it comes to divorce. (Requirements for an amicable divorce).

How to find a good divorce lawyer.

Your marriage no longer works. You are thinking about a divorce. You need a divorce lawyer. However, you want to find the right lawyer for your specific divorce. You wonder how and what to look for. Then there are other things that you need to take care of. Your job, the children, a move, there are many reasons to postpone the search for a lawyer for your divorce. You also have doubts as to whether a lawyer will help you at all. Because you don’t want an argument. There are around 4,700 lawyers in Saxony. The number fluctuates. To differentiate between the good divorce lawyers and the other lawyers and to find the right one for you is a challenging task. Here are tips.

One, your lawyer should be a divorce lawyer.

Would you have a general practitioner operate on your heart? Certainly not. For the same reason, you should not be represented by a lawyer who works in various fields of law. Legally this would be possible. In fact, however, it does not make sense. The applicable law and the concrete consequences of a divorce are very complex. It is a full-time job to keep up with the current state of laws and jurisdiction in divorce law. Therefore, the second instance, i.e. the appellate court in family matters, is also not the regional court in Dresden, Leipzig or Chemnitz. Appeals against decisions of the family courts are heard at the highest civil court in Saxony, namely the Higher Regional Court in Dresden. A divorce quickly becomes complicated if assets have to be shared or if one of the spouses is self-employed. The list of examples could be continued at will. A divorce lawyer has conducted the extrajudicial and judicial negotiations in many hundreds of divorces. He knows the particular contexts and knows concretely what is important in the preparation of discussions and negotiations. He also knows how other divorce lawyers work through certain problems, because he deals with them more frequently.

Your divorce lawyer shouldn’t promise anything wrong.

No lawyer can guarantee the result in your case. Caution is advised when a lawyer makes statements such as, “I guarantee you, your husband will pay as much as the spouse’s monthly maintenance” or “I promise you, you will take care of the children in the future in the change model with the wife” or “We will hold your husband responsible for everything he has done to you. Then he can sleep under the bridge.” No lawyer can guarantee you the final result in your case in advance. There are basically only two ways to settle the consequences of a divorce. Either all the consequences of a divorce will be

In the first case, both spouses must agree to the agreement. How could the lawyer ever guarantee you what your spouse will agree to? In the second case, the court decides on the individual consequences of the divorce. But how could the lawyer guarantee you how the judge will decide the cases in detail? A reputable divorce lawyer will present you with a reasoned, reasonable approach to the settlement of your divorce consequences, based on the law, facts and evidence in your case. Hollow talk is not helpful and does not bring you to your goal. Even if such false promises sound good and you would feel good about them. That does not last long. You need a lawyer at your side who knows how to work out solutions, whether out of court or in court.

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