Business content success stories that will bring your brand to life

Infographics, webinars, articles, ebooks, whitepapers, updates on social networks, interactive content, web series… the list of content formats for businesses is as long as the existing types of companies.

That’s why I like to say that almost any company can benefit from the content, as long as it is used wisely and intelligently.

But it’s one thing to say it and quite another to do it. The doubts that arise to the uninitiated in the matter are many.

Which format to choose?
How do they match content and SEO?
What can I expect from the contents?
The questions are many and the time is short.

In this article I want to show you examples of very different businesses, belonging to all kinds of sectors that have been able to make the right decisions and have obtained great benefits from the contents.

I’ll also take this opportunity to offer you some campaign and action tips that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in so you can avoid those common pitfalls when you start with business content.

Why bet on content for businesses like yours?
This article is not intended to be a summary of how effective the content is for companies.

However, before looking at the three case studies I want to show you, I would like to briefly summarize the main benefits of content marketing for brands.

Attract traffic to your website. Having a blog with keywords related to your market niche will make you better positioned in Google, which will increase traffic to your website.
Connect with your potential customers. Especially if your brand is new to the market or requires a certain pedagogy. The contents allow you to explain to your audience who you are and why they should choose you.
Loyalty to current customers. As we will see in the case studies of this article, the contents allow you to retain the current customers of your brand. We all know it’s much harder to attract a potential customer than it is to retain one. Why risk losing one?

Entertains and informs. The contents also serve to entertain and inform, not just to educate about our sector. What’s more, experts are betting because the future of content is precisely in entertainment.
It positions you as a leader. If you make screws, you want your potential customers to know you as the best manufacturer of screws on the market. The contents are useful for your audience to see that you know your sector and that they can trust you as a market reference.

Improve your brand reputation. If you’re not on the Internet, people will wonder why. If you only have a corporate presence, people will wonder if you have something to hide. If you publish once a year people will wonder what you’re doing. Solving all these problems can be easily remedied: consistent quality content that communicates to the world who you are and what you do – that’s online reputation!
It allows you to play in the first division. Don’t be afraid to fight the big boys, we’re all almost the same to Google. With consistency, top-level content and no complexes, you can beat the other way around – it’s possible!

Marvel Origins, choose the right format
The first of the case studies that I am going to analyze has to do with the new era of comics (sorry, graphic novels).

It was developed by one of the most important real estate portals in the United States, Movoto, which has impressive figures:

79 million annual visits to its website
26,000 customers
9 million homes advertised each year
The goal of this portal was to achieve visibility in media, social networks and get more traffic to your website.

And they did it, too!

But before I tell you the numbers, let me tell you the idea.

The idea of Movoto
Attracting millennials is not easy.

They are used to interacting in real time and various studies show that flat content does not appeal to them or to them much less than interactive content.

That is why Movoto and the agency responsible for the execution of this case study were clear from the beginning that interaction should be one of the strong points of the actions to be developed.

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